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Our Story

Web-based legislative and regulatory tracking tools have existed since the 1990s. Unfortunately, the most-known legacy products still rely on the same infrastructure, data collection methods, and technology stacks as they did 20+ years ago. With limited competition, especially for state-oriented products, government affairs professionals have been forced to pay a premium for antiquated tracking products that are inaccurate, slow to update, and very difficult to use. Or, opt for generalist providers that lack the necessary depth and tools for serious tracking needs.

No one knows the needs and challenges of government affairs professionals better than the founders of GovHawk. In 2015, GovHawk was launched by industry veterans based on their decades of first-hand experience working for some of the most-known tracking providers. Our industry knowledge and understanding of the policy-making process has allowed us to build better products at a fair price that match how government affairs professionals work.

We are proud to support a rapidly growing number of clients of all sizes representing almost every industry. Given how our products can be personalized to any set of needs, we work with all types of organizations including but not limited to associations, non-profits, corporations, consultancies, law firms, and government agencies.

Why GovHawk?

Here's why so many organizations trust us with their legislative and regulatory tracking:


Comprehensive legislative and regulatory data covering all 50 states, DC, and federal.


Highly accurate search-based alerts. Receive notifications when relevant items are moving.


Receive the fastest updates so you are always the first to know when changes occur.


Modern, intuitive, integrated, and mobile-friendly platform so your work stays connected.


Personalized onboarding, account setup, training, and support at no additional cost.


Unlimited tracking for all of your policy issues without any limits on folders, alerts, or reports.

Our Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions to meet any set of needs and budget.

Legislative Tracking

Track legislation in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Congress through a centralized platform. Conduct searches, receive alerts, organize your bills, share custom reports, and more.


Regulatory Tracking

Track regulations in all 50 states, DC, federal through a centralized platform. Conduct searches, receive alerts, organize your register entries by issue, create and share custom reports, and much more.


Custom Services

For more specialized requirements, have our team screen new bills and regulations for relevancy, write custom summaries or analysis, or curate custom reports for your stakeholders.


Data Feeds

License our legislative and regulatory data for use in third-party systems, to serve as an internal backup, or to build your own applications. Receive recurring feeds through secure delivery methods.


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