GovHawk is a state and federal legislative and regulatory tracking solution that combines comprehensive legislative and regulatory data with flexible tools that match how government affairs professionals work. Organizations choose GovHawk to ensure they minimize the time spent sifting through irrelevant bills and regulations, receive the industry’s fastest legislative updates, and access the best possible tools to do their jobs.

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Access comprehensive bill and regulatory data

Access comprehensive data including bills, regulations, votes, hearings, legislators, committee rosters, and prior session data. Coverage spans all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Federal.

Reduce the time you spend sifting through irrelevant results

Via our proprietary search-based system, you will notice sizeable reductions in the amount of irrelevant results you receive from our system compared to competitive tools. In some cases, our customers are seeing reductions of more than 40% saving them hours of time each week.

Be the first to know when legislative updates occur

Receive legislative alerts within 15 minutes of being posted by a legislature. The next fastest system takes 24 hours to provide the same updates. This speed ensures you are always the first to know when your legislation moves giving you more time to take action.

User Personalization and Mobile Access

Personalize your login based on your specific interests or share your content with colleagues. You also have the ability to work seamlessly from your smartphone or tabletvia our mobile-friendly design.

Create and Share Legislative Reports

Create highly customizable reports from your bill lists and share them with anyone. Your reports can be exported, shared as public links, and embedded within your website.

Unlimited Personal Training and Support

Included with any subscription, you are assigned an Account Manager who provides personalized setup, training, and support to all of your users. Each Account Manager has a background in public policy to ensure you get the most out of your subscription.

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GovHawk was built for government affairs professionals by industry veterans. Given the flexibility of our platform and the simplicity of our subscription options, we work with organizations of all types and sizes representing almost every industry. Request your personalized demo to see why so many organizations are making the switch to GovHawk for their legislative and regulatory tracking needs.

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