Regulatory Tracking


Covering all 50 states, DC, and federal.


It Starts With Content

The most important component of any regulatory tracking system is the quality and depth of the content. Great features are useless if the underlying content is inaccurate, slow to update, or sparse. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, comprehensive, and timely regulatory content. Here's a summary of the content included in our regulatory tracking module:

Register Text

Full text of register content from all 50 states, DC, and Federal jurisdictions.

Action Types

Access proposed rules, hearing notices, final rules, emergency rules, executive documents, and more.

Custom Indexing

Review indexed fields such as agency, publication date, citations, effective dates, and more.

Source Files

When available, link to the PDF or HTML source files for individual register entries.

Similar Registers

AI-based suggestions for similar register content across all jurisdictions.

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Features Designed For Your Needs

Powered by our comprehensive regulatory content, GovHawk's platform includes access to a wide-variety of platform features designed to help you track and report on pending activity. Our most popular features include:

Research-Grade Searching

Use our advanced tools to search our comprehensive database of regulatory content. Searches can be based on specific keywords, phrases, jurisdictions, folders, dates, custom fields, and much more. Our custom modifiers and operators allow you to hone in on the content that matters while filtering out irrelevant items.

Accurate & Timely Alerts

Setup personalized regulatory alerts to be notified when new actions occur. Users can receive alerts as soon as they appear in GovHawk or schedule alerts to send at specific frequencies. Alerts can be sent to licensed users, internal stakeholders, and external stakekholders.

Flexible Organizational Tools

Create custom tracking folders based on specific issues, geographies, or any other criteria. Unlike other services, GovHawk is capable of automatically adding new items to your folders when they meet your specified criteria. All folders can be easily edited, sorted, filtered, exported, or turned into shareable reports.

Scan Register Text For Relevancy

Use the link-to-keywords feature to quickly locate all occurrences of your keywords within the text of registers. Keywords are highlighted so you can quickly scan long documents for relevance and context. This can save considerable time when deciding if a regulation is relevant.

Store Custom Content

Create custom fields to store unique content on register entry pages. Common examples include fields for issue classification, notes, analysis, position, priority, and more. Users can create a variety of field types and include those fields in reports to share with internal or external stakeholders.

Custom Report Building

Create custom reports on specific folders, searches, or individual items. Personalize your reports by adding your logo, overviews, interactive heat maps, unique layouts, and more. Once saved, reports can be shared internally or externally. Web reports automatically update based on your report criteria.

Dynamic Sharing Options

Share your custom reports internally or externally. All reports can be exported (e.g., PDF, CSV, Excel), shared as web reports (public link or embedded into a website), and scheduled to send as emails. With web reports, you can enable front-end filtering, sorting, exports, searching, interactive heat maps, and much more.

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Personal Training and Support

Every GovHawk customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for providing personalized account setup, training, and support to your users. All Account Managers are experts on our platform and they have a background in public policy. Our customers rave about our training and support given our industry-leading response times and our personalized approach that ensures you get the most value out of your subscription. What's included:

Account Setup

Based on our policy knowledge and experience working with other organizations in your industry, our team will handle the setup of your searches, folders, and alerts. If you are transitioning from another service, we will handle the migration process to ensure a smooth transition to GovHawk.

Unlimited Training

Throughout the lifetime of your subscription, we include an unlimited number of personalized training sessions at no additional cost. This includes group sessions, individual sessions, and refresher sessions.

Ongoing Support

At no additional cost, you receive unlimited customer support throughout the lifetime of your subscription. We tackle all kinds of inquiries ranging from how to use platform features, updating your settings, adding new users, and much more.

Why GovHawk?

Here's why so many organizations trust us with their regulatory tracking needs:


Comprehensive legislative and regulatory data covering all 50 states, DC, and federal.


Highly accurate alert results. Receive notifications when new items are available.


Receive the fastest updates so you are always the first to know when changes occur.


Modern, intuitive, integrated, and mobile-friendly platform so your work stays connected.


Personalized onboarding, account setup, unlimited training, and support at no additional cost.


Unlimited tracking for all of your policy issues without limits on folders, alerts, or reports.

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Regulatory tracking customers also utilize:

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Custom Services

When policy assistance is needed, we offer custom services such as analyst screening, custom analysis, and custom report curation.

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